AEROPRO® Insulation

Strongest protection by polyester wire mesh. The ideal insulation for use outdside!


Tubes, consisting of:

Insulating material AEROFLEX® tube made of EPDM:

• Light, flexible, closed-cell, synthetic rubber;
• PVC and CFC-free (according to legal requirements);
• Fire protection: Euroclasse E according to EN 13501-1;
• No embrittlement of copper and stainless steel tubes
  according to DIN 1988 Part 7;
• Dimensions on the basis of EN 14304;
•Long term thermal stability -50°C* to +150°C,
  short-term up to +175 °C
  (stagnation temperature of collectors);
• Very good ozone resistance, UV-resistant.

*AEROFLEX® remains flexible down to -50°C,
  but can still be used at temperatures going down
  to -200°C.

Thermal protection:
• The characteristic value of thermal conductivity
  at +40 °C, λ40°C = 0,040 W/mK,
  at 0 °C, λ0°C = 0,036 W/mK.

Surface protection:
• Polyester wire mesh;
• UV- resistant;
• weather-proof;
• gnaw-resistant.




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